Exemption clauses

Much has changed in the legal landscape surrounding exemption clauses from when the landmark case of Durban’s Water Wonderland (Pty) Ltd v Botha 1999 1 SA 982 (SCA) was decided. In that case, the court had to decide on the enforceability of a disclaimer notice when the plaintiff and her daughter were flung from a […]

Lapsed firearm licence

Lapsed firearm licence   “I own a firearm which has always been validly licenced. I was out of the country for a few months with work this year and was unable to renew my licence before its expiry in June. On my return I went to the police, but they told me that because my […]

legal advice

legal advice LEGAL ADVICE Shakespeare taught us “Only a fool defends himself”. In South Africa every second accused conducts his/her own defence, rejecting the legal assistance provided by the state. This chapter is dedicated to those unfortunate accused… https://w.atcontent.com/-/5iCFif0fLQZ/geo.kleyn/2wv05LDVJOZ.text/Face

children’s amendment

exellent! Children’s Amendment Bill, 2015 To amend the Children’s Act, 2005, so as to insert certain definitions; to provide that a person convicted of a sexual offence, or an offence for the possession of child pornography, be deemed unsuitable to work with children;… https://w.atcontent.com/-/4AH0eHIQ3hV/gkilaw/7BWNlBvS_OL.text/Face

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